Senior Project – Days 14 – 15

Two more days gone, a day and a half left.

Monday 2, Day 14; After I record a bunch of things (and after many program crashes), I have to go back into the music and fix things that sound wrong. That may mean re-recording parts, that may mean splicing MIDI into live performance to enhance the accuracy but not lose the expression, that may mean frantic backups of backups to avoid the seventh crash of the day. First day of vocals too (“Shut Up”). Met with my sponsor again and we talked about how I’m going to present my work on Thursday. Worked from 10-5 and again from 10:30-midnight. 9 hours pushes me to 108/100! In the evening, we went to the Forest City Hebrew Benevolent Association Scholarship Awards Presentation. I was first of four winners. Two others were musically inclined, and all were local. I’m in good company.

Tuesday 3, Day 15;¬†As the only graduating senior this year in the congregation my mother leads, I’m heading down to Wooster for a service. That’s going to take up a lot of the time I have to work today, so I’m using all of the time remaining to actually get work done. I don’t even have a free hour to get down to the high school and meet with my sponsor (it’d disrupt my workflow too much). The drums for “Dyschronometria” are coming together nicely. Wednesday I’m essentially going to be finishing the tracks all day so that I can put it all together Thursday morning. I still have more drums to mix and ukulele/guitar/vocals to record. Again, as I’ve said before, I’m way too ambitious for my own good.

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