Here can be found links to many interesting websites that I frequent.

The only other one out of alphabetical order, this is the #1 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic news site on the internet. Every good Brony at least knows of it.

This may be the greatest webcomic in all existence. In my own opinion, anyways.

Your general all-purpose LEGO Blog. Bookmark it.

HAHHA HAH HA HA HA Oh god this one XD

This right here is yet another reason that RPG games are awesome.

RPG meets MLP:FiM. What could be better?

This wecbcomic is gay. Gay as in homosexual. Seriously. Definitely a good one. Mature though, not for young’uns.

The astute observations made in this webcomic, which updates every weekend (with luck) are incredibly accurate and quite funny.

Last but certainly not least, XKCD is one of the funniest webcomics out there. While it may not excel in the art department, the ideas conveyed are sure to please the intelligent individual. NOTE: Some of the inside jokes are only to be gotten by fellow geeks and nerds. Deal with it.