Senior Project – Day 06

What happened to day 5? Our family took a daycation out to go kayaking, then to Nelson’s Ledges, then to Burton for the rib burn-off. It was a ‘mystery ride’ so I didn’t see any of it coming. Phone got soaked, am in the process of drying it out, lets not talk about it.

Sunday 25, Day 6: will be scoring, from 10 to 5, but at 6:00 I’m heading over to Alex’s house to do some more workshopping and hopefully some initial recording of “Title Track”. I’m supposed to be taking pictures, but unless people enjoy pictures of me sitting at my computer tapping keys and moving a mouse within a notation program, you’ll be bored for a while. For now, all I can say is, the most ambitious song (“Dyschronometria”) is definitely earning its title. It is also the most awesome song.

Well, I did work from 11 to 5, but then I worked after dinner from 8 to 11, so that’s 9 hours. Still working on “Dyschronometria”, scoring and lyric-ing. Other songs won’t take this long. It’s only because this is the proggiest song on the album. I’ve gone through the intro, verse, and three midsection riffs. I’m closing in on a recap, sort of bluesy (although I may throw it out), and then hopefully scrounge up another riff section before returning to a variation on the original verse section and closing with an inverted version of the first midsection riff. Wonky key changes and time signatures abound.

Alex was busy, so I didn’t get to work with him today. Total hours to date: 41.5 out of 100.

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