Senior Project – Day 07

Monday 26, Day 7: I finished scoring and lyric-writing “Dyschronometria”. Of course, the actual recording of it will include a drum machine track (yet to create…ugh…) and real instruments. Also, I didn’t score everything in, just what I knew I needed to lay down explicitly. That said, it is shaping up nicely. I now know what the most ambitious song will sound like. Worked from 11 to 3 and then from 7 to 10, for a total of 7 hours today. Total hours to date: 48.5

PDF of the MuseScore file

Lyrics will likely be edited, but here’s where they stand now.

Quartz crystals keep plotting the course of time
Keeps me alive, but it keeps me from sleeping at night
Let me mark myself, Ah~
I’m grandfather’d into it system-wide
Pendulum swings and I’m sinking, I think I’ve desynchronized

Harmonic vibrations are shaking my conscience loose
No tonic can temper this dominant sense of impending doom
I’m done for
Days pass in an aperture’s shutter speed
Don’t make me laugh, the cycle of life is a fallacy
And I am never the same

Sands are slipping through the
cracks upon the wrong clock face
Hands are ticking slowly
rack my brain, I try to keep pace

Overcomplicating, Time
dilation pervading
Feeling quite truncated, silence

{midsection first riff begins}

One minute, one second, an hour short of time
One minute, one second, and now we’re falling behind
One minute, I’m stuck in another state of mind
Omens of insanity, Bor-der-line~

{midsection second riff}

Because my blindness belies my vision
You see a shell of man
Because you’re kind enough to see through my mission
You let me drown, drown, drown

{midsection third riff/transition (riffsition?)}

Never going back
Never turning back
Never flowing back
Never learning

{midsection fourth riff}

Can’t ever win
If I don’t know failure

Hold out a little / bit
Make it a little / bit
Just a little bit

cadian rhythm
Has been derailed

Hold out a little / bit
Maybe a little / bit
Just a little bit

It’s time for
It’s time for me
It’s time for me too
Time for me to begin

My ears are unblocked now I’m hearing with cla-ri-ty
By beats of my chest, my fear laid to rest under lock and key
Still life has continued around me
Still climbing the hill to ascendancy
Please let me be

{endsection (first riff) begins}

One minute, one second, an hour back in time
One minute, one second, I’m out to toe the line
One minute, on second thought why be dull and fine
Confound it, conformity’s overrated,
I won’t be caught dead in these

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