Fractal Cosmology EP – Senior Project Retrospective

It’s been a few weeks now. Senior project night went down very well. There’s not much I can say about that except when you’re air-jamming to your own music for two hours you sort of lose it.

Thankfully, the acoustics in that room were enough to drown out the mediocre mixing, which I of course am not happy with because I’m not a sound engineer nor can anyone mix and master for an hour per song and expect anything halfway decent. The song that sounded the best was the a capella one I made up one day prior to presentation.

Think of the songs more as demos than fully completed tracks. I’m already aware of the numerous issues with the recordings, I’m the one who spent a month in close proximity to nothing else but them. If there’s anything I learned, I’m a composer, but when it comes to playing and recording I need to have bandmates. Solo-ing everything is not a great idea.

But enough downplaying; I am happy with the songs (score & lyrics) themselves, although these particular recordings of them are iffy.

Try the .zip if you really want to listen to them. You have been warned.


For the summer, I have a job as a camp counselor. We’ll be playing D&D a bit when time allows, hitting up Cedar Point at some point, and getting ready for college in the fall (orientation was 6/9-6/11 — high school commencement was 6/12). Heading off to Ohio University to study film production in their Scripps College of Communication. Summer side projects include cleaning my room, writing more music, drawing more, and attempting to absorb some basic Japanese through reading discount textbooks and watching ALL THE ANIME.

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