Something Else

Screw it, I’m plugging this song independently, I like it way more than the other three. And this I did over one night/morning combo.


Out with the old in with a
new fusion – a fickle
muse is sick of fewer music
-al musicians – I tripped on
memory lane and took a
tumble – mumblin’ the
recipe’s the way the cookie
crumbles – listen to the
waves waves waves but you
don’t wave back – head
in the sand pack in hand
hittin the sad-sack
nethack bygone –
pac-man and donkey kong
retro red-heart lives in the
era of Kim Jong

Put the bong away and put your
mind at ease – lay off the
mickey d’s and Lay on –
Hands – in an RPG
pop in a sickle – let the
ice trickle down – nice and
slow as the sun goes
down on safety town
How many licks to get
through to you – to change your
world-view – what are we
gonna allow?
Scooby dooby doo
Where are you?
We need some help from
you now

Past problem’s yet
not met defeat
Those who forget
Must soon repeat

[I say good sir]
re- re- re re read the
paper, not an ad-riddled
BS Rss feed your
Door wide open to the
street words – scandalous
Keep the curtains drawn – block the
hellspawn evangelists
cease and desist from what
ails you – only tra-
vail against all that
assails you may pale in com-
parison to garrisons of
armed forces – but you can
build a sand-castle, they can
only manage mounds of corpses

Stacks can’t buy me
love, pax romana can’t ac-
count for yesterday’s shed
blood – more tomorrow and the
fountain of youth? Prove it
pics or didn’t happen, busy
deals over seas ignore the
crap that we’re livin in a
Sick world – and they’ve
doctored the records, rehashin
hist’ry like pop and that
Same four chord progression
Pestilence – War
Famine – Death, and though
I’m not the maid, I’m s’posed to
clean this mess yo


changin’ the pace of the industry face in a
flanger and raisin’ the treble and bass I’m a
jack of all trades and a master of space – time
travel the gamut I colour my world – line
* * I’m raisin’ the bar and I’m raisin’ some
hell in a race – to star – – dom –
* * I’m startin’ again and again and am-
bition is boundless you bet you can borrow some
I confront a heart scarred I’d
rather bike than drive a car, ad-
verse to verses of dubious messages
[down with the government] up with common sense-
sationalism is sating our hunger
workin for reps of the land down under-
grounded in reason – tainted by fact –
hounded by shouts of treason – attacked by

Fawkes posers slandering anarchy
Bulldozers levelling property
Faux potus ‘mandering territ’ry
Foes among us in every locality
* Dial up your congress person
make them listen before things worsen
How can a country master learnin’
Built on others crashin and burnin’?
* Something else has got to
happen fast – something
else to give some much-needed
Arm the missiles and re-
lease the gas – thank
God Almighty, we’re
free at last

{hook 3x}

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